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Interviews / Feedbacks

In most cases after an interview the first question a recruiter asks the candidate is how did it go? Meaning what is your take on the interview , are you happy with the way it went , were you able … Continue reading

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Recruitment Trends

Career Builder a jobsite in the US has come out with the survey results of hiring trends for 2008. Some Noteworthy trends are: Flexible work arrangements are on the rise.Sixty percent of employers offer flexible work plans now — usually … Continue reading

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Cows and Magnetic allignment

Google earth’s mapping has thrown up an info. Researchers noted that Cattle shown to align north-south while grazing. This seems to be applicable to certain other species like deer etc.The conjucture being that the earths magnetic field is being used … Continue reading

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About recruiting

Desperately wanted to start a recruiting blog. Spent over a week selecting a title – nothing seemed to fit. Did’nt want another blog having “recruiter” in its title so here we are . “pfrex” came from my initials combined with … Continue reading

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