Recruitment Trends

Career Builder a jobsite in the US has come out with the survey results of hiring trends for 2008. Some Noteworthy trends are:

Flexible work arrangements are on the rise.
Sixty percent of employers offer flexible work plans now — usually alternative schedules (shifted start and quit times), condensed work weeks or telecommuting, while 39 percent expect to offer some form of flex-time in ’08.

Online candidate screening slated to grow, and not only the use of qualifying pre-application questions, but full-blown searching of social networking sites and search engine checks.

This is very interesting – Retiree rehiring will increase as companies remain pressured from the loss of more experienced workers. Makes sense as there are some very knowledgeable and employable people who due to being statisticaly on the wrong side of age criteria are forced to sit at home.

For reading the complete report visit :

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