Interviews / Feedbacks

In most cases after an interview the first question a recruiter asks the candidate is how did it go? Meaning what is your take on the interview , are you happy with the way it went , were you able to answer most questions properly , did the interviewer sound satisfied with the responses.

In nearly 75% of the cases we can guess if the candidate is going through or not, from these responses. Some clear indicators are the answers to the question like – how long did the meeting last, and what was the closing statement. If an interview lasts less than 1/2 hour we can place a safe bet that its a no-no. If after a couple of rounds the HR informs that – “we will revert in a weeks time” or ” we are in the process of  meeting other candidates ….. ” or ” the consultant/recruiter will be kept informed” …  one should get the drift , the interview has not gone too well.
Positive signs would be – a request for the current company salary slip or possibly dates for a final round of meeting with the MD/President or Director. 
A tricky situation happens when the interviews go well, the candidates fulfills most criteria but there is something which prevents the client from making an offer. Thats when we have something like – the “candidate on hold” situation. What do we tell the candidate. My experience of on hold situations are that – it does’nt go beyond that – the offer is never made – this happens in 80-90% of the cases . So its better to inform the candidate about his candidature being on hold & possible explain the ramifications of being on hold – just incase if the candidate has not been able to get over the euphoria of a good interview(from his perspective) 
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