Job Search Fundas

Success in Job Search is a function of these parameters.

Contacts: You increase your chances of bagging a job by making more contacts/meeting more people.Contacts are broadly two types:

Personal – Family, friends, acquaintances, teachers, church anybody whom you have interacted with or interact with. Get in touch and sound them out about your search.Get in touch with as many people whom you know or think you know and ask them for referrals.
The ego can be locked and kept in a trunk.

Generated: In your search the contacts you generate. Obviously the more people you contact the more you increase your chances. The luckier you get. The how to of increasing you contacts will be featured in another post. You make contacts as you respond to online ads, recruiters , make cold calls any person you come in contact with as part of the applying process.
Make cold calls to target companies.Get in touch with recruiters.

Preparation : Preparation impacts all aspects of your search primarily.The level of preparation decides the result.

Job Targetting : What companies you want to work for – list them out. Create a task list. Gather as much info you can about these firms. Addresses, contact persons etc. From whatever Media you can think. You can take the help of your personal contacts; any body who can take you a step closer to the right person. They say every person in the world is connected to every other person at the seventh degree.
Job targeting helps you to fine-tune where to apply.

Interview Preparation:

Learn to speak about yourself fluently for 1 minute – This is the elevator pitch. Requires a bit of practice. It needs to be short and will give a brief sketch of yourselves. Try writing your Bio in 50 words or less and mugging it. As practice try saying this pitch in front of a mirror.

Answering interview questions: Prepare for the routine interview questions. There are some 10-12 interview questions that are routinely asked in any interview – prepare answers for those and practice telling those answers to someone.Take feedback and improvise.Make the preparation as close to the real. Take help from anybody who is willing.

Grooming: Be neat. Keep resume copies in a folder. Copies of your certificates. Ironed shirt/shoes / tie is optional. Nails cut. Hair trimmed. Have a bath before going for the interview.
That should do.

Resume: Write a brief 1 or 2 page resume. With just enough details – flesh it out during the interview. Use neat fonts. Memorize what is on your resume.

Covering Letter : If you are sending resumes to a hundred people see to it that atleast 50 of them are addressed directly to the person by name and is tuned to the job being applied for. The remaining can be blind. If addressed directly and with respect to a particular job you increase you response possibilities manifold.

These are the fundamentals. As you increase the iterations your chances multiply. Work at it in a time bound manner. Make changes as you go along. Keep small targets – of 10 resumes per day to be sent. And stick to this target for a few weeks or at least a couple of months. Success will follow.

More on interview etiquette.

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