interview tips – 1

Starting today over the next few days I am bring here a string of Interviewing tips directed towards the Job seeker. 

These are tips and can be taken one at a time or if you are planning an all out change in your interview startegy – can be taken together. But, the idea is that whatever tip you decide to use execute it in line with your overall interviewing startegy – if you have one. 

“Interview strategy” is nothing but a thought process to prepare your response to the questions thrown at you by the interviewer. 

Lets get down to business.

First the basics: 

1. Reach at least 10 minutes ahead of the slated time of Interview.

2. Dress formally. That would mean any suitably formal attire. Dawn  Mackay has a good post on how to Dress.

Coming to the actual Interview session – you need to be prepared to tackle the questions. Typically this would begin with Why? & What? .

Why you want to apply for this Job ? &

What do know about our  company? 

Well both will require some study and research. Study the company website , if possible speak to people who work there. try to gather as much information about the prospective employer from the recruiter. 

The same works with the Job Specs. Get the specks clarified and find out how your skill sets and experience relate to the Job responsibilities. 

Once you have decided on your response practice , either in front of a mirror or with friend. Practice makes one perfect you see.

Prepare a one minute biography of yourself. this would help you start quickly off  – to the question – tell us something about yourself. 

this escalotor pitch needs to be modified suitably modified to the Job requirments.

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