Leave the Objective Out

Resume Objective Came across an interesting Resume Writing Observation on one of the HR sites. This was to “leave the objective out”.

What role does the Objective play in making the resume more attractive. Obviously the unsaid objective is that you want the Job. then why go on a round about way and say something irrelevant at best.

This is something which I have felt for quite sometime but have never gotten around to sounding it out.

Consider for instance these examples of objectives taken at random.Let me assure you these are very routine objectives I come across

1. ” To achieve the optimum perfection in professional career to grow with the Organization.”

2. “Seeking a challenging career in the field of auditing in corporate sector to enhance my skill and up grade my knowledge to meet the corporate demand and implementing the same.”

Well you get the drift , the objective talks about what you as a Job seeker are looking for in a Job and in most cases what one seeks can only be mentioned in very general or vague terms. Why?

Because if you become too specific you run the risk of being rejected in 99% of the Job Openings you apply.

Some candidates get into a bout of verbal gymnastics trying to frame this statement .. like this ..

3.”To work in professional environment wherein I can use my skills and capabilities to the fullest for the job assigned with the expected standards of performance and to progressively improve and develop my leading managerial skills towards a more technical, innovative team”.

Well, Why do you go to all this trouble.

Lets look at it this way. You are sending your resume means that you are interested in this job.You are going to get shortlisted based on your experience and qualification.

Let the recruiter shortlist , and interview you and evaluate your suitability to the position.

At this preliminary stage by stating your wants you are actually loading it against yourself. Your wants are important to you but thew initial stages belong to the Hiring Manager.

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