Best Boss

Came across this Article on HRM today about being the Best Boss

Have mixed reactions to it as any tough periods when looked back from a distance get a favorable view because you think about it as a difficult period which you overcome successfully.

Coming back to the topic – Who is a Great Boss? Bosses come in various shapes and hues and a great boss for me might not necessarily have been a great Boss for you and vice Versa. A great boss subordinate relationship has an element of chemistry attached to it.

A great boss can be one who pushes you to your limits and helps you achieve your best.
A great Boss can be one who constantly encourages you and cheers you when you give your Best.
A great Boss can be one who Sympathizes with you in your moments of difficulties.
A great Boss could also be one who understands your limitations and weaknesses and just Builds upon/brings out your strengths.

A Great Boss could be any one with whom we shared a great Professional relationship and to whom we happened to be reporting to.

Being a Task Master does not disqualify a person from Becoming a Great Boss for a team and neither does being a Nice Guy.

What do you say?

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