Whats your Passion?

Mike Rowe in this video talks about “Dirty Jobs” and along the way turns our Modern day concepts of Work on the head.

The oft repeated phrases when one talks about work – are – “Work should be fun” , ” Follow your Passion” etc.. But we seem to have forgotten that Work needs to be “satisfying”. When you do a hard days Work – whether tallying up a Balance Sheet or Cold calling in a recession – you need not necessarily be having fun at work. But, if you have done honest work, then at the end of the day you can be rightfully satisfied.

So, whats your passion? Are you doing a job you are passionate about. Well, if you are – Congratulations!! Because you belong to the truly few Lucky ones.

And if you fall into the other category – Well! you have a job in hand . Get it done. You might not have landed a Job of your choice. This might not be what you had dreamt about when you were in your teens – You have compromised.Fine. This is not the end. Cultivate a likeness for the Work at Hand. Else, you will be killing your spirit.

By being disgruntled you are not furthering your cause. Go with the flow. There is learning everywhere. Use the current job as an learning interval. You might actually start liking it.

As Mike Rowe puts it – Lets not be a part of the Ongoing Cold War on work.

Embrace Work!

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