Constancy of Habit

Real mediation lies in the constancy of Habit.

This arresting line appeared in a blog post by Rebecca Thorman titled turning your Weakness into Strengths.

Tried Googling the line and came up with this link . That set me thinking – a habit is nothing but a set of actions done often such that it happens in a sub conscious level.

I have been trying to develop the habit of making regular cold calls but have not been successful. The industry has had its role to play – with a near zero success rate continuing to do something is not easy.
But If new clients have to be brought in then these cold calls have to be increased.

That is where the constancy of Habit enters. Imagine if I were able to make ten cold calls and 5 follow up calls out of Habit – daily. That means 50 cold calls and 25 follow up calls every week. 100 calls a month. With a success rate of 1% I would have been adding one client every month. Which is Pretty Good – considering the current situation.

But, I the last 6 months I have made all of 300 Cold Calls. Adding 2-3 clients. who is to blame?

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2 Responses to Constancy of Habit

  1. Nimish says:

    Good post!

    • prakashf says:

      Hi! Nimish

      Thanks for your comment on my Blog post( 6months ago) . Saw it only today – it was sitting in my spam box for so long.

      How are you doing? Planning any more painting gigs? If so do include us .. 🙂 wont miss it this time.

      Bye and take care


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