Unfair Advantage

A candidate I was speaking to today when asked why he wanted to look out when he was apparently happy with the current position and responsibilities – mentioned – ” I don’t want to be unfair to myself by staying in one place for more than 2 years” … his words entirely

The statement made me laugh- as instantly the thought came to mind – ” that was for the Company to say” .

On conversing some more the usual reasons came through – like my friends left within 1 year while he chose to stay. He had joined this firm after MBA thru Campus placement.Over the 2 year period he had done well to attain the position of Branch head with 5 dealerships under him plus a decent salary.

Yet, peer pressure , a feeling that you might miss out if you didn’t hop often enough and a rush for higher salaries.

I guess there is widespread shortage of longterm career planning. Can one really sustain a longterm career growth without building all round oragnisational insight. And such understanding of the Organisational dynamics doesn’t happen while one is happily hopping away every two years or so.

Thats the norm – so why complain.

In situations where Fresh MBA’s dont land oppurtunities in good firms – hopping till you get the right fit is the right strategy.

But, when you are already in a Good Bus , which is taking you at Good Speed to the destination – why try to hop on to another which which might just appear to be overtaking.

For a career that is going to span another 25 years such risky jumps with only the short term perspective – are likely to do more harm than good.

In fact these perceived periods of comparitively slower career growth should be used to build relationships outside of the immediate work circle. These can act as a foundation a wider circle to bank upon at a later stage.

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3 Responses to Unfair Advantage

  1. Nitin says:

    Good one Francis…

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