Hiring Returns

Hiring is back and the situation in India seems to be the most optimistic . Amongst a list of 35 countries surveyed India’s outlook happens to be most bullish. Even the indian stock markets manage to be exceedingly bullish amidst dismal news all around. But,as they say where there is hope there is reason to cheer. And here the fires are burning lot more than just on hope.

Wipro hiring 5000 for non bench, TCS on a hiring spree and infy having a recast target of 20000 hirees for this fiscal – there seems to be good cheer allaround atleast in the . IT sector.

what about the other segments –

Worldwide Automotive seems to be doing well thanks to markets like Brazil and China In India the story is similar though I couldnt manage the overall figures for the industry. The Engineering services vertical of TCS is optimistic.

If this news is to be believed then the woes of Detroit would be largely alleviated by the Big 3 of the Indian IT industry.

How does all this pan out against the backdrop of explosive food price inflation here?

The retail sector has started seeing black. A lot of belt tightening during the times when foot falls vanished – has seen some cheer returning in pantaloons and trents.

I still would like to keep my fingers crossed – because as a recruiter though the current scene throws up a deluge of mandates, after tasting – the desert like conditions over the last 10 months – I would not like to count my chickens before they hatched.

Hiring stats across India based on Job Postings on the Naukri Portal.

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