Some Tips for Freshers

The Job Hunters Funnel


A fresher has been in touch with me for a few months now trying to break into his first job. The job scene was not really helpful in providing him a start. But, hopefully things will look up post holidays.

As I am a recruiter he put his hopes on me but as you know I really do not generate jobs.If the scene is bad it affects the seeker as well as the facilitator – which is what we are.

I digress, so, the conversations with the Fresher opened my eyes to the fact – how woefully off the mark most fresh candidates are in the their job search. This might hold true for Job seekers at all levels – but we can save that for another post.

With that in mind I came up with a few tips or pointers towards a more structured approach to getting that first break. Just a reminder – these tips may not be applicable if you happen to be from the Top institutes whether engineering, Technology or Management – the Creme de La Creme.If you happen to fall in the other 99.5% – these should work. These are simple commonsensical approaches which get lost in the mire of fine tuning the jargons.

Tips for freshers on getting and staying hired.

A Major problem that Freshers face once they are out of their College is that they will be competing against people with experience.A company is likely to prefer a person with some experience in their field of activity. Well, it cant be helped.

Freshers what you don’t have in experience can be compensated with a raging fire in the Belly to achieve and to prove yourself.

So don’t let yourself be cowed down by thoughts of insufficient experience.As your best chance to prove yourself comes at the interview – for which better preparation will help you stand out relative to a more experienced person.But thats not all. Remember – every interview in itself is a preparation.Now what is that?

Old Jungle saying – Practice makes a person perfect – so , attending more interviews will stand you in good stead in getting the job. You might not be getting many interview calls and may have to do with the 3-4 that you get. Here , your objective would be to getting the best or maximum out of the existing options. See, what I am trying to explain is how your approach should be as a job searcher rather than how to ace an interview. We will come to that later.

To maximize your hit rate in job interviews – here are the tips

1 Wolves Hunt in packs As the saying goes – you as a fresher on the prowl would do well to hang around with buddies who are in the similar situation. You get more market info about openings more referrals a better network and most of all a source of good feedback. You are in the know of whats happening in the and post interview discussions will throw up insights on how to tackle difficult questions. Besides, you get a shoulder to cry on incase you don’t crack it.

2 Do Mock interviews. one thing you can do in groups is arrange mock interviews. Let one person be the observer and 2 or 3 other friends play out the part of interviewers. Prepare the questions in advance and get a resume made and run the process. It goes a long way in developing confidence.

3 Attend interviews for jobs you may not be interested in taking up. When options are limited apply to every opening that’s advertised in your geographical area and see if you can attend the interview. Your ease with dealing with people will improve. You get a chance to prepare for the questions that might get thrown at you.With less pressure on you to perform you will end up performing better and getting offers. This will carry over to the interviews which you really want to crack.

4 Reach out to as many people as possible , Network like crazy. Share your resume with as many people as possible. Talk to as many people as possible about your job search. In sales terminology its akin to preparing the funnel. Generate prospects and orders follow. Attend interviews and offers will follow.

5. Don’t be choosy about attending interviews. Save the decision to take up the offer after the offer is in your hand.Keep all options open to get that offer. It might be in a different town a different corner of the city . It might involve daily travel etc etc. The idea is get yourself into a position from where on you can choose. But, dont start closing doors before you have reached that position.

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