Time to reinvent

Time to reinvent yoursellf.

Sometimes along the way in your career you would come to a turn where you might have to make a choice – whether to take the turn in an as is condition as it were or you modify yourself to the new direction your career path has taken.

This new direction may or may not be of your choosing – you might have been forced to take this turn perhaps because the road ended there or it could just be that not every one could get into the road available – whatever.

What do you do in this situation ? There are a few options to handle this situation. One is to haggle with the Man at the Toll booth to let you in. You Bribe your way in or toady in or use any number of your inherent influencers to get back onto the road you were on.

In a real life situation that would be akin to attending as many interviews as possible – try different companies maybe even different locations. But it is basically the same you who is appearing for the nth interview. What next? Suppose you don’t crack it inspite of all your best efforts?

What options remain ?

This might be a God given time to rethink your approach; to reinvent;

But how do you go about reinventing yourself and what does it mean to reinvent oneself as a candidate. Our experience and our learnings cannot be changed – so how do we do that?

Adrienne Graham has a great post here on how to go about doing so. Great tips especially when you come to the 5th one which talks about upgrading your resume.

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