Community College a chance Meeting

This came as a result of a meeting with key person in a community college. They asked my help in finding candidates for some of the courses they were offering. I thought why not – the intentions are noble and if I can help in some way – i would be gaining in the learning . It was a different experience I went with an open mind not expecting anything and got some insights about the workings and the forces at play to run a community college. Though this college is under the aegis of a very reputed institute and has excellent infrastructure there is a problem of funding and exposure.Exposure as in I am not sure if the the target audience is aware that such an option is available to them to learn and earn .

As recruiter I would say the right talent pool has not been reached.

So a set of courses which were to start off in Jan are languishing due to insufficient students

Can I do anything to increase the inflow?

As recruiter my hands are quite full and my focus is on developing the Business for my firm and seeing it grow. Getting involved in a community college way and beyond my ability to devote time attention would be of no use anyone.

So I guess I would stand back and understand the scene some more. and then take a call.

I would admit that I have a bent towards training and coaching people which I would like to develop overtime. And students coming here can do with some coaching on soft skills. Problem is in most cases they are not even aware that they need this skill and that there are people who can train them on this skill.

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One Response to Community College a chance Meeting

  1. prakashf says:

    These back to back posts related to academia were totally unplanned

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