Waiting for the Light

here iam sitting from 3:50am onwads all setup to catch up on my pending work waiting for the ppoe to fire up… but, it refuses to budge. how can we allow us to be dictated by the mercies of this broad band age.
what would i do if such a situation happened at work.this used to be regular feature during the earlier days of broad band – but now thankfully – such things dont happen.

I remember after we installed broadband – when it was recently introduced by bsnl the speeds were phenomenal – relatively but – there were times every once in 15 days or a month – when the connection used to go kaput – just like that – and we had nothing in our hands . Then i would be hanging around in the corridors of our local BSNL customer care center or the exchange. Thanks to this regular hangouts the JE became a good friend – overtime we jut needed to get thru to him on telephone ( that was’nt easy as the calls almost never got pickd up in the first 20-30 rings) and he would arrange for someone to check out at our office or at the exchange terminal.
Those days were mostly forgotten – atleast at the office the connection going down is not heard off – its as dependable as the fixed wire telephone line. But, at home I guess its a different story.Now as i sit and type this post my eyes resting on the third LED slot every other second or so hoping for it to show some sign of life.. Windows gives me a message about some updates being available – updates from where… ? here i am waiting patiently for the connection to happen with my work in que and – out of thin air “updates are available” !!!

Care for a break?

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