Mud on Face

A candidate whom I have known for over 3 years now and am linked to on Linkedin and Facebook recently informed about a job shift; to a company which happens to be my client; On a position, that I have worked on. Though, based on the job profile given i would not have shortlisted him.

So , here is a case of mud on the face – pure and simple.

How and why did this happen ?

Oversight , wrong understanding of the position , not going into the details of the candidate profile , couldbe .

Well, we are not very active with this client because – for some reasons , not entirely of our making and well you could put it as “mindset” issues, our mindset. Since rewards arent coming the focus is less.

But even accounting for all that – this was like – searching for the moon on a full moon night in a clear sky . Come to think of it this candidate has been following up with me , I have discussed the resume so many times that I can recite most details from memory.

But, the water is under the bridge.

Ab pachthay hoth kya , jab chidiya chug gayi kheth.

Can we take some learnings? what would that be ?

Is there anything which we could do as part of our process such that this could be avoided.

May be I just need to re-learn to keep my eyes open.

Have you ever been in a similar situation? -If so feel free to share … hamara maan halka hojayega. 🙂

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