Hug Your Customers

Hug Your Customers

Just Finished reading – “Hug your customers ” by Jack Mitchell

Mitchell runs the apparel chain Mitchel/Greenwich . Greenwich being the store they bought out. The book is filled with instances of extreme customer service -something which really makes one wonder – where are we? what are we doing ? to use the cliched phrase – exceed expectations.

The which was started by his dad ed mitchell in 1958 had a 2003 t.o of 65 million .

Thats small by big corporate standards but considering this is the volume generated by 2 stores – that is mind boggling. Somewhere around 400 crores.

And he credits the stores success entirely to the customers.

A great read – if we can concretely implement even 5% of the concepts discussed in the book – it would make a phenomenal difference to the bottom line – in any service industry.

Well if you happen to be interacting with customers – there would be something for you in this book. Though written from the retail perspective the ideas that this book generates – in terms of the various possibilities for customer engagement – its phenomenal. Sometimes I wondered if all of this is really possible. But, my second thought was – we need not implement everyone of them – infact all of them might not suit your line of business – but one can take one or two of the ideas that look worth an immediate try , implement them – and create an upward spiral of customer satisfaction.

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