Its Your Career- don’t take it sideways

Career advice

Career Advice

After a career that spans 14-15 years in 8-9 different companies – you better be sure that you are at the level of a GM or above. Why? Look at it this way – In a typical manufacturing organisation there would be around 8 levels in the managerial cadre – starting from the engineer to the MD.
So, if you are a graduate engineer who started as an engineer after 8-9 job shifts you should have reached the level of a GM – if not then – something is wrong. One conjecture could be that you have been moving sideways . Does’nt speak very well for your career planning and leadership qualities.

It reflects that you have been shifting jobs for making higher bucks, itself is not a bad thing – if you can also show clear career progression. If that is not the case then well – life is going to be tough. The big question would be what value you would bring to the table ? And in all possibility things might not stack up.

So all you who are fresh out of college or having some experience but still green behind the years – take heed. Look at your career. See how you can add value – increase your knowledge, your learning – which will lead to your increased intrinsic value. Dont just jump into the next available job opportunity, thats offering 40% or 50% hike.

Think about it – before taking a jump , try to understand the career path , what are the learning opprtunities. Imagine if you were running a marathon – 42 kms – you are not going to be running at sprint speed – you would set a steady pace – thats how you are going to finish it. Marathon is not a sprint race- which is how a majority of the current workforce sees their career to be. Off course you are not like that – so your responsibility is to think ahead. You might have to answer some tough questions, like – where do you want to see yourself after 3 years – 5 years. What skills do you need to get you there. You need to be clear about that – and then work on those skills. If you have the requisite skills with you nobody can stop you from taking the job you want. But, most times what happens – we set the goal allright but we dont like to pay the price for achieving the goals. Developing the skills takes effort. We just end up wishing and hoping – in the end we despair and try to take the short cuts, and end up moving sideways.

In life and in career there are no short cuts!!

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