Becoming More Valuable

stand out with the skills

Stand out - with more skills

Your compensation is directly proportional to the skills you bring to the table. It all boils down to skills.

What are those skills?

These are Broadly : 1. Soft Skills
2. Technical or Job specific skills.

Can you list out your Top 10 skills relevant to your job. If you are in manufacturing and having around 5 years experience , your list might include :
Lean implementation
Six sigma
Kaizan/ Kanban
TS-16949 and some – I am not an authority on Manufacturing methodology , but… you get the drift. If you happen to have a labour handling role then local language skills might be mandatory , plus man management skills, unionized labour handling skills etc.

Now, the question is in the last 3 months have you learnt any new skill? Have you upgraded any of your existing skills? If yes, then could you do better in the next 3 months. Have you given a thought about the skills to upgrade or the new skills to develop over the the next 90 days.

Some of your skills upgradation might be part of your Companies programme. But, can you let yourself be solely led by that alone. There might be some specific skillset which might lead to higher performance from you but – might not be included in the corporate programme. so , do you wait it out or look for other sources to upgrade. You could take up some online classes , webinars or get hold of some books on the subject and self tutor. Or get a mentor to teach you those skills.

This would be the investment you will be making for your future.

Lets move on to the soft skills. These are nothing but general skills which hold true for any workplace – like communication skills, interpersonal skills, time management , writing skills, etiquettes, etc.
If you are planning on a leadership role over the next 5-10-15 years reasonably above average ratings on these set of skills will hold you in good stead.

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