One at a Time

One at a Time

One at a Time

What is the single most important thing that you can accomplish in the coming week – professionally. We are not talking personal here. Is there anything that you would like to “go after” to get it finished. Done with . think about it , decide and go after it , get it done.Thats the simplest way to become good at completing tasks. Go after the most important task – the momentum will take you through the other smaller tasks.

Recently I was reading an article on the virtues of having that one critical task in your to do list – and not a long list of tasks To DO.A “To Do” list puts needless pressure on you to get things done and move on to the next. Instead a single task – which is clear to you – gives you the freedom and leeway to go after it – giving it full attention to be dealt with in the right manner.

Time managementskill-especially the ability to handle your most critical tasks – would be one soft skill that can hold you in good stead in your quest up the Leadership ladder.

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