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destination reach

Where you reach depends upon your skills

Skills upgradation need not be at the expense of your current job.

Your current responsibilities come first- after all that’s what pays the salary. But your time allocated to upgrading and reviewing your skills will take care of your future salary increases.

Where you reach in your career is directly proportional to the efforts you put towards upgrading your skills. I cannot repeat that enough.

For India ,this is a period of exciting opportunities. The world is waking up to the possibilities that India can offer- there are investments galore in all types of industries- new plants coming up everywhere – new industrial locations coming up. State Governments are competing to offer the best possible support to the industries. So how are you planning to capitalize on this changing scenario?

How do you translate this into a means to further your career goals. Hopping on to the first job that comes along without a long-term perspective – might do you more harm than good – in the long run. Your career is not a sprint. Its a grueling marathon.No short cuts.

What do you think are the kind of skills that the industry will require in 1 or 2 years down the road?. Upgrade yourself on those skills. The previous question might require some research and thought on your part so that it meshes with your current career strengths. Somehow I am not for midway career jumps – mostly because I have seen many good careers folding up or going into a long hiatus – due to such jumps purely based on monetary considerations. SAP comes to mind. I am talking about developing your job related skills and soft skills so that in time you get a tag of an expert. So that you bring real value to any workplace in your field.


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