Communicate like Crazy

Communicate Like Crazy
While sifting through the pages of a clients’ inhouse magazine I found myself drawn to a particular phrase; it was “Communicate Like Crazy”. Don’t remember the exact context in which it was used – it rang off a lot of bells inside my brain. Its not that I had heard it for the first time. No-not at all!. But, it was just that when I read it – It struck me as this is something which I needed to “embrace”.

I have not been communicating enough. This has led to all sorts of avoidable problems.
Communication does not only mean the putting into words of our thoughts – which is very important no doubt – if we want to carry the whole team along.

But, equally important is the discerning of unsaid signals from the people around us.If we are perceptive situations could be straightened out long before they become emergencies.

We take so much for granted, working on so many assumptions. We Are’nt upto the mark when it comes to communicating effectively with the people around us. The very people who make a difference to our lives. Who help us in reaching our goals. Indifferent communication can turn them into hurdles in our path .

I guess all is not lost. Its time to wake up to the reality and start communicating like crazy. With energy, with enthusiasm and with all ears “up”. If you have seen two people with hearing and speech difficulties – speaking in the sign language – you would know what I mean. Their eyes are intent reading the lips and they go all out to show the required expressions. I guess we could learn something from that.

Let the world know what you want And, listen when they tell what they want. You might have a great thing going.

Photo Credits : Larrydowns.wordpress

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