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Skills upgradation

Skills upgradation an Uphill Trek

So are you doing everything to upgrade your skills and keep pace with the industry growth. If you are planning to head a firm in the next 10-15 years , Are you furnishing yourself with the skills required that will take you there? These questions you might have to answer to yourself again and again maybe once every month if not everyweek.
Are you reading enough books?

You spend time scanning the portals and surfing the web for positions / openings but that alone may not be sufficient. Because, at best, that might lead to a one time payoff.

Instead why not spend time building your network – invest time and effort in building relationships. Your first stop could be the recruiters – they interact with so many people and are an immense source of live industry news. A good relationship with a few such recruiters will keep you on top of whats happening in the industry and lead you to opportunities much in advance.

But, building relationships take time and effort. There are so many ways to build professional Networks / relationships. You must have heard of Linkedin.
Looking for opportunities by networking is just one small part of the learning that you can accrue. By actively participating in networking events you can increase your learning/widen your knowledge. This is a faster way to absorb latest info than books.

Coming back to skills up gradation a case of a candidate comes to mind. He is just 25yrs old and engineering graduate from a decent institute. He has spent 5 yrs in a decent company – the first company he joined from campus. While working he has also managed a part-time MBA from IIM-C. I was impressed. That’s dedication. The cost of an MBA from a premier institute doesn’t come cheap. How many of us invest in our career on those lines?

So go ahead and upgrade, invest in you career.

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