Under Criticize & Over Celebrate

Whale training

Whale Training - Management Lessons

I happened to read an interesting story on one of the ” chicken Soup for the Soul” series.

It talks how whales and porpoises are trained to jump over a rope 22 feet above water. How do they manage that?

Apparently, The procedure is to start by placing the rope under water and when the whale goes over it – it is given heavy positive reinforcement. It is Patted, fed fishes and played with.

Very slowly the rope gets raised such that the whale is able to go over without much effort.And the positive reinforcement continues. At no point in time is the raise so drastic that the whale gets starved physically or emotionally.

If we are to transfer this approach to the workplace – we need to make a big deal of every small forward step taken by the employee.His accomplishment needs to be applauded and their good habits reinforced and celebrated. We need to celebrate each small step like crazy!!

Contrast this with what happens in reality.

If we take the modern management approach.

First decide on the Goal. Raise the rope to 22ft. Then, place the reward above the rope. Then look down at the whale and shout ” JUMP WHALE”

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