Dressed up but No Belt

Dress Neatly We added a new service to our portfolio – hospitality ; Offering our office rest room for a candidate who had traveled to Bangalore to attend an early morning interview.

I made this offer , as otherwise the chances of his making it for the interview was slim especially considering our traffic. Since the client was near to our office I suggested to him to come down for a quick shower and change – easily saving a couple of hours in travel.

He was a nice guy first impression. But what really struck me as a recruiter was that he was so utterly unprepared to attend an interview.

Here he is going to another city for an interview – but not even carrying a copy of his resume. How many shops would have been open so early in the morning.

Dress, he was looking smart in his pant and shirt – but no Belt. Looks very awkward if someone doesn’t wear a belt.Now this stuff is simple.

Shoes- trekkers , light brown shade!

What would be your first impression if you see him walking down the interview room. It appeared that he was dressed to go for a movie.

Offcourse I didnt make any comments on his dressing and preparation – just wished him good luck and dropped him at the Auto Stand.

You would think, that with so much literature floating around about how to Ace the interview, interview etiquettes etc etc qualified people with experience would have picked it up. But, no.

There are many candidates that just dont feel the importance of the first impression.Why?

Who knows!

Well let me repeat it one more time – “FIRST IMPRESSION COUNTS”. Especially, all you people who think that your knowledge will open doors-well think again.

Doors open for your appearance, presentation and how you carry yourself. Be presentable.

Print that in 72inch font and stick it on your walls.

By meeting a prospective employer in a semi prepared state is foolish. Why create Blocks in your career path?

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