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Resume Certification

One way would be to setup a separate candidate verification team. the recruitment firm needs to devote a person entirely to do the job of verifying the candidates experience.This could be done by having a face to face interaction with the candidate for atleast 30 minutes. The idea being to check the truth behind the experience details that have been mentioned in the resume. Continue reading

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The Vanishing Job

As the companies realize the cost advantages of office-less organizations – more and more people might be working from home or from neighborhood cafes. No doubt we are already seeing a boom in this segment. Professionals looking for a decent place to sit and do their work – possibly away from the distractions that a home provides. Continue reading

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Frog and the Scorpion

So they started to cross the river and soon enough – the scorpion stings the frog. The frog is dumb struck.Now in its death throes gasping for breath – finally managed managed to ask – why did you do that ? I am dying but so are you – why did you do that? Continue reading

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So often We just go through life just doing the actions. We don’t look deeper and try to record the happenings around us. Capture the insights the memories. This way we take with us only a small part of what we have really experienced. Continue reading

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Hop a Little Jump a Little

what I am driving at is that when you are green behind your years – with a fairly average presentation/communication skills and acads you are likely to get into jobs quite easily. Because the employer doesnt really have much to go with – he has to try you out. Some early job changes are forgiven.Especially if you are moving from very small to a slightly better known firm. But, a couple of more jumps on his part and he might be on the fringes. struggling in some unknown firm Continue reading

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Whose bucket did you fill today

The book primarily likens each of us as carrying an invisible bucket. when this bucket gets filled we feel great. When it gets depleted we feel awful. Continue reading

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Job shift

n this period of multiple jobs and a buzzing job market it makes sense to sit down and lay down some criteria for taking up a job. This could include salary , location , type/size of company , local/MNC etc . Once you have have set this down in writing – when you get the next call from a recruiter – you would be in a good position to decide whether to go forward on the new opportunity or not. Continue reading

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Unfair Advantage

This post appeared a year ago on this blog. A candidate I was speaking to today when asked why he wanted to look out when he was apparently happy with the current position and responsibilities – mentioned – " I … Continue reading

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Career Change @ 40

This decision may be due to lack of opportunities in the current job or due to dissatisfaction with the current career. Either way it would be a difficult decision to take and execute. Continue reading

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Success Thoughts

We might chase the external trappings of success and keep playing catch up. But, if we want success to come to us we need to make ourselves better at whatever we set out to be. Continue reading

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