Engage your Employee

Engage Employee

There are times when you wonder if the employee is unable to do a certain task or is he/she disobeying.Either way, what I have found is that my earlier, impatient, task master style of work, does’nt pay off.

In a small business that I operate, rubbing off even one employee spoils the office environment and we can feel the whole office in a sulk mode. All because I couldn’t handle the one employee who did not seem to follow the plan.

Now, I have learnt that it just doesn’t help trying to force the issue. Patience wins. Whatever be the provocation , its only through patience and cajoling that we can bring the errant employee around. Displaying displeasure doesn’t help.The employee might get scared , might fear for his/her job and may get into an Overactive mode. But it isn’t activity that we after.

We are after results, which only comes by engaging the employee completely. Complete engagement. If we are able to get a complete buy in from our employees regarding the results that we are after and if we are able to continuously bring the focus of our team to this end result then engagement would be automatic.

I guess it has something to do with goal setting combined with continuous reorientations and course corrections which bring in employee engagement and team achievement.

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