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Just finished reading this article “Do you rely too much on Interviews ” by Susan Heathfield of the HR fame.

Susan is spot on when she says that candidates who do well in the interview do not necessarily turn out to be successful employees.

This is not exactly a path breaking observation. A person who has good interpersonal skills and a smattering of the job knowledge is likely to go through purely on the basis of the chemistry he develops.

This is not to say that “Job Interview” as a candidate shortlisting mechanism is redundant. But if certain other shortlisting mechanisms are used alongside the hit rate is likely to improve many times over.

One of the methods which can be very effective is the trial period. Just like a new vendor gets a trial order. Why not let the employee be tried out on the job and see how he performs for a week or two.

But, in our bid to come up with new ways of effective shortlisting – we cannot really overlook the efficacy of a simple face to face interview process. It is simple, easy to organize, the result gets known immediately – either he makes it or he doesn’t – though the candidate might not get to know that so soon. And 9 times out of 10 it is effective ( 9 out of 10 candidates shortlisted through this process stay with the company for atleast a year- this is a home grown statistic)

There is definitely something going for a method which uses 3 out of our 5 senses to evaluate. ( Sight, sound and touch)

And while you are at it you can also check out this very interesting article from Punk Rock – especially if you are a candidate – The number 1 Job Interviewing Skill and in-case you happen to be in a job which is nothing to rave about – I guess this article should lift your spirits.

photo credits : holidaylonging.wordpress

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