Follow-up Follow-up Follow-up

Do not forget the Followup note

As an entrepreneur some of your time needs to be spent on calling your suspects & prospects.Reason is simple you can never letgo on the process of scaring up new business. While doing so, at times you might find in your Business Development diary prospective clients, fallen by the wayside, because you never got back to them after promising them otherwise.

It is not too late still. Don’t hesitate to call them up now. When you call them up – most might not remember at all, and the whole process may have to be started from scratch once more. But, that is still worth the effort as statistics show that a second or a third contact is a much better position to be in than the first contact.

Followup is an oft used phrase , much bandied about by the Bosses ( self included) but never practiced to its full extent. Infact I have a A4 poster on my wall espousing the same cause – but so many times I find myself falling short on this critical aspect of doing Business.

There are times after a good first meeting with a client, I decide to send a thank-you note. But, in the process of refining the mail time is lost sometimes beyond 24 hours and beyond that it sending it appears kind off forced.

A note to prospective candidates You can polish your professionalism by sending a thankyou note after attending an interview. It adds to your appeal. In this rat race would’nt you be better off even with a marginal each over the competition?

I confess not to be very good at Followup- but – let that not prevent you from choosing this more elegant path. You will be rewarded with excellent Business relationships. And maybe you might even thankme someday.

Now considering that I have been contacting so many prospective clients and letting them off the hook after one or two interactions – who is to blame if my conversion rates are so low?

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