Jilting your recruiter


Keep the people - Informed

Of late we have been experiencing the after effects of the problem of Plenty. From time time the industry experiences a sudden boom which translates into more jobs . But, here is the catch, the number of candidates with the necessary skill sets stays the same. so we have a situation where the same candidates gets shunted about for different positions by different recruiters. And the candidate experiences his high of having 3-4 job offers and plenty to choose from. No doubt a wonderful position to be in.

So, for every job taken – 2-3 offers go waste – which means that many jilted clients and recruiters. And you can take it from me – recruiters do not forget easily-the experience of being jilted – so better be prepared – to deal with 3 jilted recruiters awaiting their pound of flesh.
I would not like to go into the pros.cons of this multiple offer phenomenon, but what I would surely like to say is that – don’t loose your head over these multiple offers and start behaving like a film star.
If you have an offer which you are not inclined to take up – keep the concerned parties informed. Don’t just give them hints. Nobody likes to be on the wrong side of unpredictable.
I know an instance wherein one pf my candidates after taking an offer with our Client decided after a couple of weeks to stay back and continue with his existing company.But, he took the trouble of personally meeting our client and informing them the reason why he decided to take such a move. His approach was even appreciated by my client.

Now this is something you don’t come across often. Perhaps, the candidate being in HR did make a difference because – typically I find that people in HR have a more evolved sense of dealing with people. I guess that is why they are in HR.

But guys come on wake up. This is not rocket science. This is basic , fundamental stuff.

All you are expected to do is to keep your would be employer informed. You dont have to go in person. Just pick up your phone and tell them. They might not take it well, that is something you have to face. But, they will respect the fact that you took the effort . And please don’t wait for nth minute to do this. Give them at least 10-15 before your joining day so that they can restart their search.

photo credits : Ed Arditti

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