Entrepreneurial Bakvas

Bakvas bund kar

Time for some Bakvas

I had a mail from a Professional networking site dumped into my inbox which featured an article about entrepreneurship in India. It went on to ask if entrepreneurship in India was nothing but a hype.

Well that got me thinking about this whole issue of “Entrepreneurs” and I wonder as to who these species are and what’s so special about them. Of late I feel this entire “entreprenership” thing is being bandied about as a fad.

How does it matter if a guy is an entrepreneur or not? Is is he starting a business , is he providing employment to people, is he creating value even if it is for himself? Why split hairs and try to define if such and such – is an entrepreneurial activity or some mundane business activity.

Some days back I was privy to a similar discussion – which voted that – any businessman who was not involved in a New technology activity was to be stripped of the -entrepreneur tag ( words are mine ).

As a Businessman his motive is to make profit and see to it that his organisation survives. If you deprive him of this tag will he be a lesser Businessman.

Is the economic growth that India is generating only the result of the so called entrepreneurs.

But I guess, this is one of those topics which everyone finds intriguing but no consensus has been reached. This article tries to tackle the topic, but accepts defeat.

Here is another post about who should not be an entrepreneur

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