Of Cars and tracks

Care race track

Some cars are great at curves

Some of the best cars for racing have the lowest power but great handling – they turn the corners perfectly, but, they lack the power to pull ahead in the straights. Works well on some tracks but not so well on others.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, find a track that suits you.

So often we end up fine tuning our weaknesses. Trying to make that one more small improvement so that we can be considered good enough. Instead why not find your strengths and improve upon them, and find a way to compensate for your weakness.

Lets face it You can’t be good at everything. But if you knew reasonably well the things that you are good at then its about time you set about improving those areas. Become the best in that.

This does fly in the face of prevalent opinion about handling weaknesses.But, its worth a try.

To start with you could take up tasks which play up to your strengths. In the short term it might mean job change , career change but once you are on a track where your strengths are aligned to the requirements on the job – well you are on the way to becoming indispensable. And what is more you might enjoy every minute of the work that you do.

The idea for this post came after reading this

Photo credit : photos2use

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