Review your Resume

Resume - Key

Key to the Interview

The resume is the first and only thing a prospective employer or a recruiter notices about you. Aside from the fact that you are not that going to be there to explain your achievements , success and failures in your career. The resume is the key , maybe not the key but atleast the handle to the key. No proper handle and the key wont be of any use. Fine I am exaggerating a bit. But, suffice to say that the resume deserves some real attention.

They say A person makes up his mind about the other individual in the first 5-10 seconds of the meeting. It might not be right but thats the way it is. So , imagine if you in person have 5-10 seconds to make a favorable impression – then how much time does a resume have . Not very much. People throw up statistics of 15 to 30 seconds , I would go with that. But let me be honest – I have spent lesser time on some resumes.

So you need to spend time on your resume. I still come across resumes – which appear like govt of India Job Application forms. It goes like – Name, fathers name , Sex , …
We have moved on from that.

This is not to say that your resume is like that. But, the idea is that a good room for improvement exists.

There are many professional resume writers who can do a decent job. But, more than that if you can spend some time thinking about your education and experience , fitting them into a timeline – give it to the recruiters the way they can scan thru it and come to a quick decision favourable to you. that must be your objective.

Resume is not your autobiography – please dont convert it into a mini booklet.

Just try to include details which are relevant and which might get the recruiter interested. You might make some mistakes – get your resume vetted by a friend or by a recruiter – and incorporate the feedback.

A note of caution – if you are getting your resume done by a professional writer – stick to the truth as far as your experience, accomplishments and academics is concerned.

Recently we had an instance wherein a candidate – during an interview with the client bluntly expressed his inability to answer a question about a key experience mentioned in his resume. His resume was very professionally done- but was jazzed up with untruths. We learnt a lesson.

Coming back to my earlier line – resume is the first thing that a recruiter sees about you. So design it in a way that it catches his attention, long enough for him to take up the telephone and give you a call. It just needs to be designed to serve this purpose.

There are many people with very solid experience who just dump all their experience in to the resume. Gives a sloppy appearance. Your prospective employer might form some notions about your non attention to detail. You will be building the odds against yourself by letting that happen.

More of it later …

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