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Long Distance view

Look over the Horizon

I was reading this great post which talks about the importance of taking a distance shot in the scheme of things. I would suggest that you too read that post.

It is so important for Managers and Leaders to be able to see over the horizon. I know that is technically not possible – but that is why you have those satellites and hot air balloons and Awacs to help you with it.

As the post says – from satellite 300 kms up the Leadership team should be able to communicate to its managers whether the course they are on will take them where they need to be.

The same works to your career also. Except that you are the CEO, manager and the office hand all rolled into one as far as your career is concerned.

Every once in a while you need to put on your CEO hat ( sounds familiar?) and take a view of your career path from a 300 kms up And picture how things are 1000 kms away because thats how far your Career Goals need to be. And you need to take an unbiased view as to the course you are on – is it taking you in the right direction.

Its so easy to get carried away in the activities of the day , being busy and content. If you are Not taking this effort to look over the horizon – the next 5 years , 10 years . You might not realize if your already there , or worst case, if you have been going in an entirely wrong direction.

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2 Responses to Career Planning

  1. Arunraja says:

    the way of narration with source of idea is really good..

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