Success Thoughts

Success is something you attract by the person you become. Possibly you have heard this before , possible you have not. But, this is something we need to remind ourselves every once in awhile. Success isn’t something for us to chase – as if it were some butterfly.

We might chase the external trappings of success and keep playing catch up. But, if we want success to come to us we need to make ourselves better at whatever we set out to be.

And the simplest way to make ourselves better would be to give the best at whatever we have in our reach. To go all out – come what may.

Most times what prevents us from giving our best is not that we are not able or that we don’t want to. In most cases it is the inability to bring in the necessary focus to the task at hand , which prevents us from exerting our full power.

Many a times my mind feels like a large herd of sheep without a shepherd – there are so many different thoughts flitting by in different directions – that it is really a wonder that any task actually gets done. It is no surprise that in such situations you feel so dissipated – all your energies are being used to get your thoughts in place.

If only we could reign in your thoughts and bring them to common focus – its amazing how much you are able to get done.

Coming back to where we started – “Success” – is all about becoming the person you want to be. It is all within you.

And one of the first steps towards becoming could in the preparation.Preparing for the coming day , preparing for the coming moment and to be willing to give the max that is in our capacity.

It might not happen the first time or the second or the third . But, as you stick to this new mindset – becoming would be a continuous process….

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One Response to Success Thoughts

  1. Virginia says:

    very nicely penned!

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