Hop a Little Jump a Little

Your career need not be game of Hopskotch

This conversation took place between me and a candidate. We will call him Rajesh (name changed)

Rajesh : I have called regarding your ad for Asst Manager Sales, can I have some more details.
Me: Sure, It’s for a machinery Mfg firm this would be industrial selling . Can I have some more details about your experience, current company etc
Rajesh: I have some experience in industrial sales…( goes into job details……). I have been here for the past 8 months. Previous to that I was in a Telecom Major for 1 year. He runs me through his entire experience which shows gaps in his academics. He is in his 4th job in a total experience of 5&1/2 years .
Me: You have been in your current firm for only 8 months, why do you want to move.
Rajesh: These people( His current employer) promised me things during the interview but they have not kept their promise. so I have decided to quit.
Me: Why did you leave the previous firm? ( A Telecom Major)
Rajesh: that was in a semi urban area so I decided to leave.

I advised him to seriously consider staying with his current firm for atleast another 2 years if not longer.So that, he can show some real contributions in his resume. He accepted my advise after some resistance.

Whether he takes up this advise or not is not the issue.

What I am driving at is that when you are just starting out on your career – Some early job changes are forgiven.Especially if you are moving from very small to a slightly better known firm. You are allowed to make 2-3 jumps in the start phase. Especially if your starting company is relatively unknown.

In the case of Rajesh , a couple of more jumps and he might be on the fringes. struggling in some unknown firm. Because 2 years down he is definitely not fresh and in the 3 or 4 years, apart from the hops and different company names – there is nothing much else to show in the resume.

just to view this from a companies perspective – It takes atleast a year before a candidate starts delivering. If you are a fresher it takes nearly 2 years.

In those 2 years you need to be building a foundation, utilizing the opportunity to understanding the nuances of working in a Corporate – and not focus on the irrelevancies.

Any job you choose there will be positives and negatives. Just take the positives which are going to have a good bearing on your career advancement and move on.

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