Keep a diary

Another week ends. What was achieved what was not. Some achievements. some failings . some mistakes, Some learnings.

Someone mentioned this somewhere – don’t remember the context but the gist of it was – “to really live a good life – gather all your experiences of the past and strain it into the next moment, the next hour the next week”.

So often We just go through life just doing the actions. We don’t look deeper and try to record the happenings around us. Capture the insights the memories. This way we take with us only a small part of what we have really experienced.

It would be great if we had a continuous video recording of all that we experience – ready to rewind at a click of button.

But, actually this can be done even without a video cam. Just spend 10 minutes in the evening rewinding how the day went. The key moments in the would day play up. Just note these down and over a period of time you would have built a fantastic biography. You would be have written a your own wonderful story. Our life need not be a fusion of years spent in front of a pc or behind a desk. One day merging into the other. Months merging into each other. Infact, Some of years that I have spent as recently as 2-3 years ago I dont seem to be able to recall with clarity how the year went. Except for a broad outline. Maybe a few details of the family outings. Those were the times when I just didnt bother to jot it down.

Now It has taken on a entirely different meaning.

Sometimes I cant beleive that the new year is already 6months old. In those moments I just open my diary and in moments I would be reliving some of the best days of the year.
My trips , weekends with kids on some project.

Well these are the things which makes a life what it is . and what better way to live it than to record these moments and store them away for ever. Overtime during the course of a busy day or while you are on some trip as you go through your journal – you would end being refreshed and renewed.

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