The Vanishing Job


2 centuries ago the “Job” was nothing but a task. During the course of a busy day the farmer would have had a series of Jobs to do. Justlike we have a list of tasks. It was the smallest unit of work.

Thats how we use it even today in some phrases like – “Job work”.

But slowly this term has evolved to become something that one aspired to. Along with it came terms like job security , Lifetime employment etc. Work took on an entirely different meaning. The Job you held decided you societal standing.

Its heard to believe, but, when the concept of a 9-5 job was first propounded or during the early days of this 9-5 jobs which came about as a result of the Industrial revolution it9 to 5 is something which caused great heart burn at the break of 18th cent caused tremendous unrest and heart ache.Lot of writers and novelist became famous household names by string words to highlight the plight of the people who toiled in the industries.People took a long time getting used to this concept.

Now we are reaching a phase where we are seeing early signs of this 9-5 kind of Job is getting eroded.Technology has made it possible for fewer and fewer people to Man the factories and like wise it has provided us the tools that help us to stay away from office.

As the companies realize the cost advantages of office-less organizations – more and more people might be working from home or from neighborhood cafes. No doubt we are already seeing a boom in this segment. Professionals looking for a decent place to sit and do their work – possibly away from the distractions that a home provides.

This is an interesting Trivia – Till recently the worlds richest man Warren Buffet – never went to an office. His home was his office. He built an empire working from home.

Think about it. How do you intend to handle these changes ?

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