Resume Certification


Of-late the instances of pumped up resumes is on the rise. Thanks to the availability of resume writing services.

Instead of making the resume presentable and attractive these services modify the experience with or without the tacit understanding of the candidate.

This creates a situation where candidates turn up who dont match even 10% with whats on their resumes.

A statement a Hiring Manager mentioned stands out – We as hiring Managers are totally dependent on a document the resume which has been prepared by the Candidate himself. And there is no way to judge the veracity of what is mentioned in these resumes until we meet the candidate in person.By then it is too late and already quite a bit of company time is lost.

So how do we get around this?

One way would be to setup a separate candidate verification team.The recruitment firm would need to devote a person entirely to do the job of verifying the candidates experience.This could be done by having a face to face interaction with the candidate for atleast 30-40 minutes. The idea being to check the truth behind the experience details that have been mentioned in the resume.

Let me assure you this might not be a 100% fool proof method,but, when compared with a 10-15 minute telecon, it scores substantially.

How about an independent resume certification agency? Possible.

But, who pays for the certification? Would it be the candidate? the client or would it be the Recruiter himself – who could offer it as a value add.

I am not sure if a viable Business Model can be built around this service. But, this is an offering whose time appears to have arrived.

Though,I Have not come across anybody offering it as a separate service as yet.

Let me clarify; by certification I dont mean verification for any fraudulence or misrepresentation of qualifications and tenure.
But, here certification would be for – verifying whether the candidate has undergone the experience he has mentioned in the resume. This can be easily verified with good success by having a face to face interview with the candidate.

A background verification can be used at the last stage – making the offer contingent to its success.

what do you think?

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