what do I like about my work?

My Workplace 2
I have been running this firm for over 7 years now. We have been stable after a quick growth in the first 2 years.

What i like most about this is off-course the freedom of not having to answer to anyone.Those pressures of having to answer to a Boss- well there is nothing quite like it.

I have a good team to support me and people have mostly stuck around with me for a awhile. So that gives me immense satisfaction of seeing the growth of the team.

I am free to set the pace of my work. Though if the Billings are not happening one has to hustle like last year-which really tested us me especially. We are still feeling the after effects of a sustained downturn.

That is the flip side of running your show I guess. If the well dries out you don’t have a overhead tank to depend on. Salaried employees score during those times.

At-times I take the liberty of an afternoon nap – without any need to do so surreptitiously.

And yes , it does allow me decide my own pay cheque.

What do you have to say about your work? What do you like most about it?

photo credits : flickr/davemelbourne

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