Interview Mistakes

There is a whole list of interview mistakes that candidates make. Most of them are such basic basic stuff one wonders how they miss it. There is a ton of literature on the net for you to choose, if you want to revisit those mistakes.

I would like to dwell on one such which is pretty common but does,nt seem to get the attention it deserves. This is the mistake of not being clear, not building your story or not painting a picture, of your job life, with words.

As a recruiter I am definitely interested in knowing what your day to day responsibilities and tasks are , but what would interest me more is knowing how you executed them.
I care more for your performance on the tasks than the tasks themselves.

What were your little successes during the course of the day- whose life you touched with your job, whose life you made easy , who made your life difficult on the job and how you came out of the situation.

These are real scenarios and this is where you have the opportunity to paint the picture of your job, how you lived it and, felt about it and, how you overcame the challenges. See, this is not stuff of climbing the himalayas.this is everyday life and everyday challenges. This is your job.

Most candidates when asked about the job start out as if they are reading from the companies Manual.Absolutely drab. I would loose interest in moments. Offcourse I try to coax him by asking him/her a few more pointed questions so that he understands what I am getting at. Some candidates at this stage pick up the thread and then its absolutely wonderful hearing them paint the picture of their workplace in words.Some never get it.

See, I love stories,(& hate love stories- :)) and I love to hear the stories that happen around your job. You just have to tell it as it is – nothing much to it.Just stay away from the urge to modify the facts coz I and my brethren are pretty good at spotting those tiny lies & half truths when they pop up in the midst . So stick to that true story . You would have made a terrific connection and carried the day.

By hearing about, how you came up with a solution, or,how you tackled a difficult engineering problem, I can picture how you would fit into the job at hand.
See, that way You would have made my life simple.

Makes Sense?

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