Great Places to Work

You must have wondered whether your company is one of the Best places to work. Well if you write to the “Great Places to Work” Institute they might be able to tell you precisely that.

Recently they have come up with the largest such study undertaken for India.

Coming from a Manufacturing Background – I was keen to know how many firms featured in the Top 25. Only 3 :(. of the 25 top places to work only 3 were into manufacturing. And over 15 were in IT – as expected. There is always a feel good factor attached to the software sector which rubs on to the workplace.

You can check out the report here &

The presentation in pdf

One interesting fact – tucked away at Number 13 of the top 25 firm list is a small firm of 306 employees based in Mumbai called The Classic Stripes – they manufacture Automotive stickers. Wonder how this minnow managed to edge past so many biggies. Just goes to show that you need not necessarily be a 5000 strong co. to keep employees excited and happy.

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