Telephonic Interviews

Man on phone, DeqinThere are a few things to keep in mind if you happen to be in line for a telephonic interview. Since, over the telephone the image the interviewer forms is almost entirely based on your voice – it makes sense to devote particular attention to that.

To start with don’t talk fast. Speaking fast is the attribute of glib talkers and if I may add swindlers. It conveys a very wrong impression.

You might be excited that you received a head hunters or a future employers call.You need not have to show it. Speak slowly with clear enunciation.

If you need sometime to collect your thoughts say so and then continue.

And incase you don’t happen to be at the right place when the call comes through – don’t take the call. You can always call back. I have had a case after I made a call – and soon I heard the sound of the roar of water – any guesses. Mighty embarrassing.

You do not know who the person on the other side is – so when addressing him/her refer as Mr. or Ms and name.

Keep your resume handy. It is quite possible due to your location and distractions around – you might forget some of the contents in your resume. Having it in front of you in an easily viewable location.

Dont forget to thank the interviewer when its over. Its basic.

Photo Credits :Tom spender/Flickr

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