Interview: Dolphin and the Monkey

Dolphin and the Monkey

You have done all the preparation.Gone through your resume revisited your experience. Now, finally you are sitting in the interview. The interview has gone on well – your answers have been well received. and you can feel it – the momentum is swinging your way. And then – a question pops up – a Muthiah beauty – doosra – and you are blank. You don’t know the answer.Flat.

This is something that you were expected to know – right from your experience – could be a piece of code , or some rule that you should have been aware of.

But, there you are – no answer, you just don’t know. What do you do?

Well, you just excuse yourself and say you do not know the answer. Simple. You are not expected to come up with excuses for your not having the relevant info. Its time to move on to the next question. And, hope for the Best. Because if you are good enough for the job – one piece of oversight will not mar your chances.

But, what would scuttle your advantage is some bold off the cuff guess work. You think everything is going on well why not take the chance. But, that could spell the doom -atleast as far as that interview is concerned.

Reminds me of an interesting story – The story of the Monkey and the Dolphin.

This story comes from Ancient Greece and those days Dolphins were expected to go around in the seas in search of men to save from drowning.

So there was this Dolphin going around one day in the deep seas – when it happened to see somebody flailing his arms wildly on the sea surface – desparate to stay afloat.
So as was expected of the good dolphin , he came over and placed himself under him – -and started to convey him safely to the share.

Now the cargo on his back was not a man but a monkey from a shipwreck.

The dolphin not being very smart or maybe he was slightly blind – did’nt notice the difference and started a conversation.He inquired where the monkey was from – to which the later replied that he was from Athens and that he was descended from a very noble family.The dolphin was impressed. Next, just to keep the conversation going dolphin asked if he knew Piraeus( the harbour at Athens). Assuming that a man was meant, the Monkey answered that he knew him very well and that he was a close friend. The Dolphin, realising that he was being fooled, rolled over and the monkey was drowned.

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