Hippie Bus Flashback

Back to work after a relatively long weekend – by my standards.

Was on a trip and had some time to contemplate how my career has taken root in the Recruitosphere – without ever having thought of taking it up – infact never ever thought HR was a career option. Maybe I should have. You never know – how life takes you.

If anything my career has been a roller coaster. A metallurgist by education – had a taste of the rough and tough life of a credit card sales man for the first few months after college. This was before I got a toe hold in the industry I had studied for – a foundry. But, then I realized this was not a place I wanted to be. I went for an MBA after flirting briefly in the notorius Forex market. In the process I burnt a small hole in my benefactors pocket.

To be honest – The MBA was a joke – except for the friends I made – but it helped in getting a job in an entirely different industry – telecom. It was a growth sector in the 90’s and I really wanted to hang in there. But, that was not meant to be. Landed in recruiting. And, in this most unknown of career options – atleast during the time I took it up it seemed I found my calling. It had just the right mix of variety and challenges to keep me fully engaged.

And after 3 years serving I decided to set out on my own. That was the best to happen to me.

Sometimes I wonder if I qualify to be an entrepreneur. There is a large volume of debate online about who is an entrepreneur. But, whether entrepreneur or just a small business man, whatever – to have successfully run a business for close to 8 years without any seed capital to talk about – not even a loan, just an old beat down pc in one corner of the room – to start from there and do this journey – well I guess I do qualify for if nothing else – atleast a pat on the back.

photo: rcvrnors/flickr

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