Get your Attitude tuned

Engine Tuning

Getting it Tuned

You are a fresh graduate having no relevant experience in your field of study and manage to land a job in a good reputed company. The company asks you to sign an agreement for 2 years. What do you do?

Sign it.

Thats what you do. As a fresh Arts/science or commerce graduate you don’t have many options in your field. There are’nt many firms which take Fresh BComs or BSc’s. If you intend to join a BPO fine. Thats a different story.

But to grow in your field after graduation is an opportunity that cant be missed and one which is rare.

So, what do you loose by signing an agreement? The ability to jump jobs after a year. Well , if that is what you are looking for … In a year how much experience will you gain. Mostly the first year is spent in adjusting to corporate behavior.

Infact your contribution to the company really only starts after atleast 9months to a year. So the company which has effectively invested so much in you has a right to demand your loyalty for one more year after your learning period.

There is a school of thought which at the very mention of the word “bond” will take up cudgels and site the bonded labour act. Well, if you want to discount all the learnings , and professional development you are going to undergo as an individual and as a corporate citizen , and If, you want to equate working in a reputed firm to working with a Feudal lord – then you have every right to refuse.

But, then my gentle advice would be – get your attitude tuned. Cause this one may not take you very far.

photo: Flickr/LOC

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