A sad state

Today at the local BSNL Exchange I saw a Union notice exhorting the government to not allow private players in the Telecom sector. WTF!

They don’t realize that by such tactics they are only hastening their own organizational demise. Probably the due date is already past.

But I just thought, can we really blame these people. We feel pity on them yes. They fell for all the promises their union leaders and the politicians made to them. The politicians have no choice but to make these promises else how do they get the votes. And these people – all in their late 40’s and early 50’s have been fed on the same talk on their job rights and entitlements probably their entire working life.

They cant even in their wildest imagine job loss – least of all due to some vague loss in customer base. BSNL I think got a lease of life thanks to the arrival of internet and broadband. They were well placed to take advantage of their already existing lines to deliver high speed data. But now with the arrival of cheap wireless broadband – matter of time they go like ITI. Unless off course a miracle happens.

To what extent can we blame our government for this malaise. And the thing is that , this is not only exclusive to BSNL. We have a huge list of dysfunctional companies having a huge workforce and staff but where salaries don’t come from the organizational profits. That comes from the taxes paid by the masses on their incomes and on the goods they purchase.

Instead of playing the role of a facilitator and nurturer – our founding fathers decided that the government should literally spoon feed their populace – molly coddling – in the process they have made the society ever more dependent on it. This mindset has sunk in so deep in certain segments of the society – that for any and every problem people just point to the government.

One cant deny that we have a lot to thank Our founding fathers – for their forsight and their vision for the country infact

But, they also have screwed up Big Time.

How else do you explain a country of such resources both material and human , after 60 years of independence, – lagging behind on all key social indices to countries which started much poorer and with far lesser intellectual resources.

Sometimes I wonder if this excessive dependence on intellectual pursuits might have been the bane for India. Amartya Sen Calls us an argumentative lot. We revel in intellectual discussions , we debate issues to the bare bones, which is good. But, at the end of it all if we don’t come to a decision – what use all the debates?

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