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Clients Clients and then there are CLIENTS

And then there are those clients who make it all worthwhile. You can take all the crap to be able to work with such clients. They give you the respect you deserve. Make you feel at home when you are visiting them.
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In search of a Recruiter

Well it is not so. One reason could be – the mindset or the comfort of working in large firm. The larger it is, the more safer, the less riskier , the better systems etc etc and you have all the assumed benefits of working in a large company. Continue reading

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Linkedin Recommendations

How do you respond when someone who happens to be in your LinkedIn Network mails you for a recommendation. You have never worked with him and have not known him beyond this tenuous link on the Linkedin. Continue reading

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What makes a good Recruiter ?

What is the most important quality that a good cricketer must have? or for that matter any sportsman must have? If chop away at it I feel the list of qualities that a good “anyone” must have would always boil down to the same. We are all people – interacting with other people. Each profession has some skill-sets which could be specific to that sport or vocation. But otherwise to be good you might need whatever qualities that takes for people to be able to trust you. Continue reading

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The story of the Fresher

So the Fresher got trained and moved on for Better prospects. This story gets repeated often enough. As a recruiter I have picked up many just ripe candidates who have put a few months or years in a small firm … Continue reading

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Emotions and Career path

Being in tune with our emotional side and not merely reacting to it will help us perceive many more options to given situation. We might not box ourselves into a corner and let the emotions erupt.Which invariably has disastrous consequences. Like this episode has shown. Continue reading

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Slow down …

Rushing. We are so used to being busy that we have an innate desire to rush through things – see to it that we are not wasting any time and move on to the next task that needs to be … Continue reading

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Entrepreneur revisited

so whether you want to called and entrepreneur or you don’t mind settling for the lesser term a small businessman – so just need to get on with the job of making your firm success. Let the audience decide on which plaque to give you. Continue reading

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Date with Perseid

Today and tomorrow tomorrow that 12th and 13th August the skies are expected to light up around 10:30 or 11:00 pm. Naked eyes would suffice no sophisticated distance viewing equipment required. Continue reading

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Some interesting Posts

Here are some great posts from the HR folksthis week. Laurie speaks about Failure being OK and sites herself as an example. Alison Green – blogger of the Ask a Manager fame had an interesting news clip about a Flight … Continue reading

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