Slow down …

Home Guard guiding traffic with the Mumbai Police
Rushing. We are so used to being busy that we have an innate desire to rush through things – see to it that we are not wasting any time and move on to the next task that needs to be accomplished.

Is that the right way to approach work. Does work have to mean that we are continuously busy with something. Here is a clue – it need not be so. But, then the moment my tired mind starts wandering to some more you pull it back to another task that might have cropped up.

In fact most times you might be getting a high out of this. There is a certain satisfaction in knowing that the time at work has been well spent. No one can deny us that satisfaction.

But if we think about it – just going ahead and doing the list of tasks day in and day out. Will it really take us to our goals. I mean what kind of goals would they be? If it just requires you and me to be stringing tasks together.

Doesn’t seem right. Working is important – no doubt. executing tasks is important – I am agree. but somewhere along the way we need to stop and think! and we might have to do it often. just so that the tasks that we take and execute lead us to where we want to go.

I had a boss quite a while ago – who used to encourage us to do just that. He would tell us to just put down everything from time to time and close your eyes. Just think about what you have done and what you are going to do. Wonderful advice! Wonder where I would be if I had truly followed his advice.

But, now I am taking small steps to doing just that. Just to stop everything and Think.

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