The story of the Fresher

Day 4/365 | Bitter GourdSo the Fresher got trained and moved on for Better prospects. This story gets repeated often enough.

As a recruiter I have picked up many just ripe candidates who have put a few months or years in a small firm picking up some basic skills. And then if they have even a basic understanding of what they have been working at – they become attractive to the Larger firms.

But, yet it doesn’t feel right. You patiently explain things. Wait for the candidate to pick up things. Wait for when he might start getting counted. And then just like that – you get the notice. Greener pastures.

You might say that it is bound to happen. No one would like to spend years in a small firm. So be it that way. But, there has to be n equation. an understanding of the principle of give and take. You have learnt some so you give back some.

How can you just move on assuming that you have a right to leave any time you please.

Well, I guess thats the way it is.

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